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Airman Leadership School






To prepare Senior Airmen to be professional, war fighting Airmen who can supervise and lead Air Force work teams in the employment of Air and Space Power. The Airman Leadership guiding philosophy is to develop Airmen with a warrior ethos and a passion for leading in the cause of freedom.



The Sgt. Paul P. Ramoneda Airman Leadership School is located on Travis AFB building 205 located in the California, North Bay Area. The schoolhouse can accommodate up to five flights of 14 people per 28 day class session.


General Information

The Travis AFB Airman Leadership School was dedicated to Sgt. Paul P. Ramoneda on 20 September 2000. Sgt. Ramoneda lost his life in a daring rescue after the deadly crash of a B-29 Super fortress located at Travis AFB on 5 Aug 1950. At great risk to his own life, he repeatedly entered the burning aircraft bringing out the injured, including General Robert F. Travis, who was fatally wounded in the crash. His heroic efforts saved the lives of eight passengers. After the rescue, Sgt. Ramoneda entered the aircraft again in order to save others. It was during that attempt, that the aircraft exploded killing Sgt. Ramoneda and the remaining members on board. For his actions, he was awarded the Soldier's Medal and the Cheney Awarded for bravery.




DSN: 315-424-4557; Comm: 707-424-4557