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Financial Assistance

The Active Duty Air Force Tuition Assistance Program provides funding at 100% of tuition and fees* charged up to $250 per semester hour ($166 per quarter hour), up to $4500 per fiscal year, for any college degree higher than the member’s current degree level; up through the masters degree level, plus one vocation/technical certification training program.  The Vocational/Technical program has an additional cap of $4500. 
* Non-refundable fees are not covered

Request for Air Force Tuition Assistance is accomplished through the AIR FORCE VIRTUAL EDUCATION CENTER (AFVEC).

This system is used to process all requests for Active Duty Tuition Assistance (AF TA). 

The following is a list of the information the Air Force member must provide for entry into AFVEC:

  1. Name of the School: (Example – McMurry University)
  2. Degree Title: (Example – BS degree Business Administration and Management)
  3. Course number and title: (Example – ENG 1301, Composition and Rhetoric)
  4. Credit hours: (Example – 3 semester hours [SH] or 4 quarter hours [QH] )
  5. Dates (begin & end of the semester or term): (Example - 1 June 2006 – 7 July 2006)
  6. Tuition charges: (Example - $425 per SH)
  7. Other fees: Registration fee, enrollment fee, laboratory fee, technology fee, etc.

All students should pre-register when allowed by the school.  Payment should not be made until the TA forms are obtained.  The student must provide the TA form to the school.  The school will then invoice the Air Force for payment.

All military students seeking AF TA must have a copy of their degree plan on file in their military education record.  The school will issue the degree plans to their enrolled students.  Degree plans must list all courses required for the degree the member is pursuing.  The student must upload a copy of the degree plan to their education record via AFVEC.

Eligible personnel may also use Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) benefits while on active duty. After contributing the required $1200 and completion of 24 months of active service, the member may choose to use either their AF Tuition Assistance, or their MGIB.  On active duty, the Veterans Administration (VA) will reimburse the member the cost of their tuition up to an amount equal to their MGIB allowance.  The AF TA program and the MGIB cannot be used for the same course of study; however, the member may seek reimbursement for any student tuition and fee that exceeds what the Air Force pays using Tuition Assistance.  This combination of the MGIB and the AF TA program is called the MGIB TOP-UP.  Air Force members may also be eligible to increase their MGIB benefits by contributing additional dollars to their account.  This program is called the MGIB PLUS-UP, or BUY-IN. Go to:  or talk to your AF Guidance Counselor for more information.



Post 9/11 GI Bill:

Post 9/11 GI Bill information may be obtained by visiting the Education Center or via

If qualified the member may also be eligible for benefits from the Federal Assistance (use the FAFSA form) programs as well as assistance from their home state veteran’s aid programs.



Financial Aid on the Web:

The following sites may be used to assist the student (military and dependents) in finding additional financial aid for school:



THE AIR FORCE ASSOCIATION-awards, scholarships & grants for military personnel and their dependents


FASTWEB (search)


FINAID (search)

The above resources are only a few of the many resources available for financial aid.  Visit the Education Center for a list of over 200 financial aid resources.