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The Base Education and Training centrally manages administration of all education and training matters at Travis. It supports long-range Air Force goals for maintaining a high quality force and enhancing professional and personal development, recruitment, retention, and readiness. The center located on Hickam Ave, Bldg 249, offers some of the most advanced methods of training available. Students not only participate in traditional classroom instruction, but may also take advantage of live satellite-delivered interactive video instruction. The collocated Base Training Office assists unit personnel in training for mission related functions. It also manages the Career Development Course program and conducts staff assistance visits.



The Education Center is proud to present a class for Airmen looking to improve their study habits.

The free 3 hour course is entitled "Effective Study Habits" and is taught at the Education Center. The class will cover learning styles and study techniques designed to assist Airmen in being more prepared for exams. This class is NOT a promotion test prep-class, but one that will aid Airmen in testing success, regardless of the purpose (i.e. School exams, CDC, WAPS and Online).

Contact Customer Service for more information or to sign-up

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