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First Sergeant




Commandant: MSgt Tanya Hubbard, 424-4557, 


1.  SSgt selects without regard to Time in Service (TIS) 
2.  SrA with assignments to remote locations (Korea) and have at least 42 months TIS 
3.  SrA with at least 48 months TIS 
4.  SrA who have re-enlisted (without regard to TIS) 

Scheduling Priorities: 

1.  SSgt selects
2.  Airmen PCSing to locations without an ALS (Korea, Honduras) or 365 day tour
3.  All others by date of rank (DOR) then total active federal military service date (TAFMSD) 
4.  A unit quota system for scheduling ALS slots is NOT used; it is base-wide by eligibility ranking.

ALS will: 

1.  Send class rosters, stratified by unit, to those units with identified eligible attendees prior to class start. 
2.  Work with First Sergeants to prevent promotion delays

The First Sergeant will reply with one of the following: 

1.  Send member(s) to the indicated class. 
2.  Schedule member(s) for another class while avoiding promotion delay. 
3.  Provide written (memorandum or email) explanation of why member cannot attend. 

Entry Prerequisites: 

1.  Not be on a control roster, under investigation or charged with an offense punishable under UCMJ. 
2.  Be within fitness standards required by AFI 36-2905, FITNESS PROGRAM, and bring a current PT assessment. 
3.  Have or acquire at least 6 months retainability as of class graduation date.  
*Members are not allowed to re-enlist more than 3-months prior to their ETS.  This has caused many of our SrA to need to re-enlist prior to class start.  As long as the CC would recommend re-enlistment and the member is intending to re-enlist, we will enroll them with less than 6 months retainability.  
4.  Be in compliance with current ETCA guidance and local procedures for medical profile cases. * Email profiles/waivers to MSgt Hubbard NLT 14 days before class start.  The ALS Commandant can make the determination if the student can attend or not.  Please call 424-4557 first to discuss the issues.  Students can hand carry minor waivers (like sunglass or shaving waivers) to the first day of class. 
5.  Be recommended by unit commander. 

Once Selected, Attendance is Mandatory. 

1.  An Airman meeting all eligibility and entry prerequisites is “Selected” and their attendance is mandatory following unit commander recommendation. 
2.  When a commander non-recommends attendance for mission requirements, the ALS will select the next eligible SrA and the deferred Airman rescheduled into the next available class. 
3.  When a commander non-recommends for quality force indicators, the member will be rescheduled as soon as quality force indicators permit. 

Preparing students for ALS:

1.  Complete the Certification of Qualifications letter and have them bring it with them on Day 1.
2.  Ensure they bring their AF Fitness Test scores on Day 1.
3.  Ensure they have a reflective belt, lightweight blue & APECS (or rain) jacket.
4.  If at all possible, talk to their duty section to ensure they do not get called in to work (or recalled).
5.  Communicate with them about graduation invitations (about who is inviting who - the CC, Shirt, Chief).
6.  Communicate with them about your expectation of their behavior when they are in school (this helps us a lot)!
7.  Prepare them for class: First day is any combination of blue uniform with tie/tie tab and ALL accouterments.  They will report to ALS Auditorium at 0730.

PME Waiver for SSgt Pin on:

1.  Requires approval from Wing CC two months prior to expected pin-on (please think ahead on this). 
2.  Contact me for example and routing.
3.  Back date and back pay after ALS attendance for those who go over line number month but have not attended ALS or have a waiver.  This is an automatic update now after they graduate ALS in MilPDS (sometimes takes a week) have your students verify on their LES.