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Information for the TDY Student Attending Travis ALS
Active Duty (AD) TDY students from Monterey, Onizuka, Recruiting Sq or other AD location: Be in contact with your First Sgt for details on your TDY, they are your POC for orders & pay. The Commandant of the ALS communicated directly with them to get information to you.

Air National Guard and AF Reserve Students:
Contact your training manager to initiate attendance to ALS.  Also, ensure you obtain all the uniform items you need before you leave (if possible) to avoid paying out of your own pocket. See the student brochure for list of requirements.

Information for all
You need to arrive the day/night before the first day of the class to ensure you report at 0730 the first day.  Most will stay at the Westwind Inn Billeting located on Travis Avenue (across the street from the school).  We block rooms for you as a group but you will need to call to reserve with your credit card at: (707) 424-8000 or DSN 837-8000.  

Training Line Number (TLN):  
You unit or base training manager will assign your TLN for your orders.  

Air Travel:  
If you are flying in, you may use any of the three local airports (SFO, OAK or SMF) but we highly recommend the Sacramento (SMF) airport.  They all are between 50-80 miles away but Sacramento will save you an hour easily in travel and convenience.  Once you arrive, we suggest taking a shuttle service to the base; it will run approximately $60.00 which you can claim on your travel voucher.  Be sure to get a receipt.  Here are a few agencies to contact:

Super Shuttle (most use this one):

Suvana Airport Transfers: 


If you Drive to Travis:
Take I-80 to the Airbase Parkway exit (do not exit on Travis Blvd, it will not take you to the base).  Airbase Parkway will run straight into the main gate.  Continue straight on Travis Ave. after passing the gate.  Billeting is on the left near the end of Travis Ave – it is a 4-story hotel called the Westwind Inn.  You will need to check into the visitor center (just outside the main gate) to obtain a pass.  Present your ID, vehicle registration, proof of insurance and orders with the ALS class dates and they will give you a pass for your car.

After Your Arrival:
Once on Travis AFB, report to billeting and settle in, you do not have to report to the school early, just follow the instructions on the student brochure.  To find the school, we are in building 205 situated across from the base library and the fitness center on Travis Avenue (just down from the Westwind Inn).

Many TDY students worry about needing a car during their stay.  Do not rent a car until you get here and see if you really need one.  Unless your unit put it on your orders (most don’t) you will not be reimbursed.  There are so many other people to catch rides with that it really is not that big of a need.  With the beautiful weather here in Northern California, you can easily walk to and from the school as well.

School Contact Information:
Sgt Paul P. Ramoneda Airman Leadership School
511 Travis Ave (building 205)
Travis AFB, CA 94535
(707)424-2067 or DSN 837-2067
Listen for the prompt to guide you to the commandant’s phone.


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